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Regia Anglorum - Members' Area

General Information

The site is intended to be for the members and by the members - so if you want to contribute to this site then drop me a line at with any feedback, ideas or offers.

The Library

The Regia Member's Online Library is currently growing and currently includes:

In Memorium

Memories of notable figures from the Regia's past.


Announcements, news and ads are available via the Regia forums. Event information is publicly accessible however all other areas are members only area. Please email to request a login.

Discussion forums

This is not the only online resource for Regia members; we have a number of electronic discussion forums, these take the form of YahooGroups or listserv groups and to join those lists please contact; they are:

  • General Regia Discussions:
    You can subscribe to this in full - or ask to recieve only special notices that are sent around occasionally to supplement the printed Chronicle and Clamavi.
  • The LHE Working Group - to discuss living history issues.
  • The War Council - to discuss military issues.

Please note that you must be a member of Regia in order to join these groups.

Approved Suppliers

A note from the Eolder regarding suppliers
"I'd like to make it clear that Regia Anglorum does not have - nor will it have - a list of "approved suppliers" on either side of the Atlantic or anywhere else. An official recommendation carries with it an implied liability and I'm afraid that in these litigious days it is a cross we cannot be persuaded to bear.

This is not to say that myself or other Regia officers will not make recommendations, of course we do. Please feel free to ask the relevant officer - e-mail addresses available from this website - who they currently recommend. These are based upon feedback and experience, from handling the product of someone's expertise whether it be pot or sword, box or shield, cloth or spearhead. But a personal recommendation is not the same as a blanket approval for the products from one supplier We could separately and severally cite cases where a supplier has started out with the best of intentions & got so snowed under they have simply upsticks and vanished! In other cases, a dealer has decided to buy in stock from India or China & started supplying it under their name with predictable results.

So, Regia Anglorum does not make blanket recommendations and we certainly don't have a list of approved suppliers. You'll need to ask on a case-by-case basis."

J.K. Siddorn,
Eolder, Regia Anglorum


Last updated 06 March, 2007. Article by Regia Anglorum.

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